Star Bucks Vegan Mac and Cheese - surprisingly nice. I should stop being biased of non-dairy based cheese…

Today I’m musing on books that I’ve read with my son and daughter. 🎙

Entering third month of Apple Music. I’m not missing Spotify at all, SongShift can import playlists if needed. The main advantage of AM is the Family Plan means each device can play its own music - without needing to be logged into separate accounts. Great for the Echos!

Currently reading: The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery 📚

Just watched the Google I/O Verge summary. Some cool stuff. No mention of Android tablets - the rumours point to iPad being a key part of the WWDC iOS announcements…

The Millenium Falcon I’ve ordered for my son’s 5th birthday has arrived at my office. I’m going to be strong, not open and not spend the rest of the afternoon testing it for him.

I’ve decided to stop placing all my eggs in one basket as an indie developer. Whilst most of my income is from freelancing I would like more of it to come from my own apps. My strategy for the past ~10 years has been to focus exclusively on one or two apps for relatively niche markets. Whilst I want to maintain focus on my app beorg I probably need to place some other bets as well - and ensure that sufficient research is done on potential returns before starting development. Taking a look at the portfolios of some indie developers, who’ve got an app which is making them money, shows surprisingly large catalogues of misses alongside the one hit.