Watching a bit of Mary Poppins with the two children this evening. My son asked if Mary Poppins was using “the Force”.

Finally finished watching Return of the Jedi with my son. Followed by roasted red pepper and carrot risotto with a mozzarella, tomato and cannelloni bean salad. He used the mozzarella as a storm trooper (not eaten).

Just seen an online ad exclaiming how Brexit can make you a millionaire. They give the example of a single mother who invested £200 in an ‘AI stock market system’ and within 24 hours increased it to over £3000! I wonder how many are gullible enough to think this might actually be not a scam… (unless I’m being overly dismissive!)

My daughter gets 4 out of 5 for exemplifying the “terrible twos”. Could do with a little work on her floor hugging technique to get that extra point.

Just ordered a playhouse for the garden - arrives Saturday. Hopefully will be easy to put up - and not a rainy weekend so the children can play in it!

My son took this earlier. He said it is a Star Destroyer.

Interesting dark mode usability issue when composing emails. I pasted a HTML table into Spark (which fails monospace tables) and changed the text colour to white so I could see it. The recipient then was presented with an email with a white background and white text - doh!

Lovely time playing with the little ones in the garden after work - and then lots and lots of crying post dinner, before bath, in bath and after bath from my daughter. Phew!