Headline has been prepared for a while - in their excitement they forgot to remove the placeholders…

I had a dream last night featuring Theresa May. She was giving quite a jokey speech then suddenly everyone looked at their phones and ran out the room.

R2-D2, built earlier by my son whilst playing in the garden.

I’ve subscribed to a 3 month £0.99 Spotify subscription solely for use with Grammofy (which looks wonderful). A pity they no longer support Apple Music - fingers crossed will be reintroduced before my 3 months is up with Spotify!

Pitching developers to work for free

I had an email yesterday of the type I don’t usually bother reading. It was from someone heading up a company based in the city I live. They were exclaiming how they are creating an amazing new platform (along the lines of JustEat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo and the like.) They want a developer to work for them - wait for it - for free. Although they have no money they have the almost certain knowledge you will be “filthy rich” once the product takes off. I’ve checked the website and they seem legit, however if they are courting developers to work for no money I can’t see how they are ever going to compete with the aforementioned companies. The pitch ends with a cautionary warning about missing out on working for a company which is guaranteed to be the next Apple or Facebook!

We’ve had to move into a different to watch final GoT. The Now TV app on the ATV4 isn’t working. Thankfully seems ok on ATV3!

Forest School

A lovely start to Monday, an opportunity to join my son at Forest School. This happens in some woods at the bottom of the school playing fields and the children go bug hunting, make dens and other activities. It was great to help him and a couple of his friends make a den. Myself and another father were roped into tying a tarpaulin high up to make the roof. There was then lots of excitement collecting big sticks and bricks to make the interior. By the end there was a door, a main room, carpet (amazing what you can find in a forest) and a ‘rock feature’. Fantastic fun!

BB-8 has made friends again with his charger! The children were very excited to see him rolling around again.

Built the Playhouse (Smoby Jura Lodge). Clear pictorial instructions so no building frustration!