Just noticed that Hyperbole works with the output from ‘ng serve’ to take me directly to files which had errors - nice!

I’m making notes this morning every time I encounter some friction when using Emacs with my current Angular project. I then hope to go through each item and fix.

I’ve been quite spoiled in the last few weeks by new albums from The Divine Comedy, Brad Mehldau and Jamie Cullum.

Oh, my. There has been wailing and literal gnashing of teeth. My wife has gone out for the evening and my 2 year old daughter was not happy about it. Getting her to sleep was not fun. My son did brilliantly putting up with the noise!

Phillip and Steve’s Furntiure Removal Company - a genius song based on an idea for a TV show about Phillip Glass and Steve Reich

Psychological Evaluation is fantastic (new Office Politics album by Divine Comedy)

I’ve accidentally bought beans rather than ground coffee. Thankfully my wife has squirrelled away a grinder, unused for more than a decade. Could this be a new part of my morning routine?

5th birthday party for my son went very well. He loved it.