Complete meltdown from my little girl as too late for a nap and she’s not quite ready for no nap. Phew! Thankfully asleep now.

Despite TypeScript offering static type checking a web service I’m working with returns strings instead of numbers so the types I think I’m working with were exhibiting strange behaviour with arithmetic operations.

My sister was just telling me how my uncle (who is 70) has fallen for a website which charges a fee to change the address on your driving license. There is no legitimate reason for these websites to exist and they should be clearly flagged in search engines (or not appear at all)

Good to see language such as “peddling nonsense” being used by the R4 presenter this morning when talking about opponents to the HPV vaccine.

Fantasy thinking is rife in the UK news at the moment with Tory claims about Brexit. This morning I learn Prince Charles is now Patron of a homeopathy group. Here’s hoping this doesn’t boost support for magic ‘medicine’, but that’s likely wishful thinking on my part. Depressing.