Arrived at Hillier Gardens for some running about, hiding behind trees and general tiring the children out fun. Closed due to high winds. Oh well, back to Birmingham after a nice few days down south.

A short long-term review of the OtterBox Strada iPhone 8 case

This is a short long-term review of the iPhone 8 case I’ve been using since September 2017.

To say I’m cautious when it comes to my technology is an understatement. Since owning a Palm Pilot in the late 1990s I’ve always used cases. For years (the days before having children) I only used Piel Frama. However due to their cost, and the fact I used to be almost as concerned about getting the expensive case scratched, I tend to go for something less high end these days.

For the past 18 months I’ve been using the OtterBox Strada in Burnt Saddle Brown. It has withstood my two young children, a few drops and general wear and tear remarkably well. As you can see in the photos it’s not quite as clean looking as it was when new but isn’t scuffed or otherwise marked. If you like the folio style I recommend checking out the range for your device.

Idea: an app showing Paw Patrol which has a “meal time” setting. The episode pauses if the child isn’t eating their vegetables. Terrible idea of course - I personally dislike TV on when we’re eating, but…

I’ve moved recently from Spotify to Apple Music. At home Spotify is so slow and frustrating to load and the app feels less native as time goes by. I’m following developments to 3rd party apps with interest - I’d love to bring some genres (classical and jazz) to the top level and hide all the “top X” lists I’m never going to listen to. It would be great if iOS 13 provided a Swift API to MusicKit to help developers create great third party apps.

A great day out at Paultons Park / Peppa Pig Land. Both children (2 and nearly 5) enjoyed themselves immensely. I think we went on nearly all the rides and some in the dinosaur themed part of the park as well.