I dislike buying new shoes. However my smarter shoes, now 10+ years old and slightly mouldy after being stored in a damp laundry room, aren’t going to cut it for a wedding this weekend. So new shoes bought.

A support email has made this a very good morning. The user mentioned that my app, beorg, has introduced them to Org mode and Emacs ๐Ÿ˜

Back to work today - my support desk is filled with spam (which I thought I’d created a rule to block). Grrrr!

Vegetarian meatballs with coconut cream sauce. (Children hated it but my wife and I enjoyed!)

Dot-to-dot and a make your own sandwich for my son in Cafรจ Nero.

Taking our pushchair and pram to a local charity shop. Now nearly five years old and used with both children.

We’ve had this Miss Rabbit helicopter toy for three days. Winch cord lost inside and no longer makes sounds when the button pressed. Hasn’t withstood my two children’s playing very well!

Arrived at Hillier Gardens for some running about, hiding behind trees and general tiring the children out fun. Closed due to high winds. Oh well, back to Birmingham after a nice few days down south.