Off (without the children!) to a wedding in London.

Logging music I'm listening to via and Apple Music

This is possibly a duplicate of a Shortcut developed elsewhere, however a quick Google didn’t turn anything up.

This Shortcut will post to your the current album you’re listening to on Apple Music, together with a link to the album on iTunes (which should open Apple Music if tapped on an iPhone/iPad).

When you import the Shortcut you’ll be asked for an App Token (which you can generate on the Account page). Since I’m interested in blogging albums, rather than individual songs, the Shortcut looks up the album by name in iTunes. Since this is a text search the Shortcut then prompts the user to confirm which is the actual album they’re listening to. You can then optionally type a comment about the music.

I haven’t done a huge amount of testing with this, but I’m hoping it’ll work for me to keep a better record of stand out discovered albums.

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First day of my wife’s new job. She’s made some big transitions - customer services manager in a major arts organisation, to studying law and becoming a solicitor, to having our first child and being a full time Mum, and now to running music classes for babies and toddlers. Good luck my darling!

I was going to check out Luminary - the controversial ‘podcast’ app everyone is talking about. After reading the privacy policy I decided against signing up for an account. I was also quite put off by the ‘we are podcasts’ tag line shown during app startup.

Today I’m musing on whether a metric used to calculate an environmental and climate impact ‘score’ to products and services is worth considering.