“Daddy, I just love calculators!” My little boy is obsessed with sums (in his head) and then his calculator for bigger numbers.

Sibling rivalry- whose swing is slowing down the quickest.

My daughter is up early this morning and trying to persuade me that the Hue light needs to be deep sea blue.

New apps I'm enjoying

A couple of new apps have found their way into my daily routine recently.

The first is Serial Reader which I’m using to read daily 10-15 minute chunks of Jane Eyre. This has quickly become something I look at just before I go to bed - and I’m really enjoying the daily ‘episodes’.

The second app is Primephonic - a classical only streaming service on which I’ve a 4 month free trial. I’m an Apple Music subscriber and struggle with how classical music is presented in the app. Not that its worse than Spotify, but certainly no better either. Navigating within Apple Music to the Classical genre page to see what’s new is also painful - and I have to scroll past music I’m highly unlikely to ever listen to (such as Hip Hop). Primephonic is a pleasure to use and I’m now listening to a lot more new and interesting music I wouldn’t otherwise have come across. I’m unlikely to take out the £14.99 a month subscription for ‘Hi-res’ streaming, but will very strongly consider the £7.99 a month as an add on to being a continuing Apple Music subscriber.

I’m working at home today as someone is coming round to fix the boiler. I always spend at least 30 minutes battling my 2012 MacBook Pro to update software and wait for cloud services to update before I can start working.